Is it worth it to be a law-abiding citizen?

This past week, the chairman of Nigeria’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Chidi Odinkalu, called on Nigerian youth to take charge of their country, saying that “a society is built on values” and that the youth should defend their values to affect change. He said “I charge the younger generations to take charge of the … Continue reading Is it worth it to be a law-abiding citizen?


Is Change Coming to Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan’s presidential election will take place on Tuesday, October 9th. Coercive and undemocratic, the “republic” has concentrated money and power in the hands of the Aliyev family for the last twenty years. Unfavourable Spread of Wealth Although the country has $7 billion dollars in oil reserves and strides made towards reducing poverty, many Azerbaijanis live … Continue reading Is Change Coming to Azerbaijan?